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eBeam by Luidia is a global provider of innovative idea-capturing systems for the education, distance learning, conferencing, audio visual and office products markets. Luidia produces portable interactive whiteboard solutions, such as the eBeam Edge and eBeam Engage, which work with existing writing surfaces to capture meeting notes as they are created and, in conjunction with digital projection, can turn traditional whiteboards into interactive ones.

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eBeam Edge USB
With eBeam Edge and a projector, any flat surface can be transformed into an interactive white board space. You can mark up documents, manipulate live content, and turn dull meetings or lessons into dynamic ones. (part #: 46000870)

Price - $699.00

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eBeam Engage
With built-in JBL speakers and microphone, one-touch recording and wireless keyboard, Engage turns any flat surface into an interactive, multimedia environment. (part #: 46002147)

Price - $1,149.00

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eBeam Edge Wireless
eBeam Edge Wireless brings interactivity to any surface, quickly transforming your classroom or meeting room into a dynamic learning environment where students and colleagues can focus, participate and collaborate. (part #: 46003100)

Price - $799.00


  • Capture Pack
  • Inscribe 200e
  • Battery Pack
  • Display Bracket
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The eBeam Capture pack is a 4 pen dry erase marker kit that adds much more versatility to your eBeam Edge or Engage. We highly recommend this accesory to any schools or businesses that do brainstorming and/or note taking.
kit comes with 4 different color markers that are inserted into electronic sleeves. These sleeves allow you to capture dry erase notes without using a projector. The notes can be saved and they are seen in real time on the connected computer.  You can even broadcast these notes in real time to remote audiences for free through the eBeam software. This makes distance learning effective, easy and free after you purchase the ebeam system.
(part #: 46003117)

Price - $349.00

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The eBeam Inscribe 200e wireless tablet allows users to perform familiar mouse functions and utilize all the features and functionality of standard software applications from anywhere in a conference room, classroom, or large meeting space. The tablets are lightweight and compact; yet provide ample workspace for efficient desktop and program navigation and input.
Tools You Use Through a seamless integration with eBeam Scrapbook, the Inscribe 200e offers a unique dual input feature with the tablet and the interactive stylus. While someone is drawing in Scrapbook with the tablet, someone at the board can simultaneously use full mouse-functionality to drag in images, edit strokes, or set up a shared meeting. (part #: 46000811)

Price - $299.00

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The Battery Pack is lightweight, slender and sleek. With the Battery Pack attached to the eBeam Edge Wireless, the combo is compact enough to transport in your pocket or laptop bag or secure in your desk drawer.
The Battery Pack delivers up to 12 hours of continuous use with the eBeam Edge Wireless, which gives you a full week of typical use. The Battery Pack automatically shuts off after 30 minutes of inactivity, conserving power. You can fully recharge the device in less than three hours over USB, and it's ready for 1 hour of wireless use after just 15 minutes of charging. (part #: 46003170)

Price - $79.00

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The eBeam Edge Display Bracket expands the benefits of eBeam Edge and eBeam software by giving schools and businesses, using LCD displays, even more flexibility. Attach the bracket to the top of your display, place the eBeam Edge in the bracket, connect your computer to the display and use the award-winning eBeam software tools to enhance and improve presentations and lesson delivery. (part #: 46003190)

Price - $19.00

Our Objective is to give our customers high quality products at competitive prices, backed up by superb service.

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