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Education Technology has become very complex, so it’s not always easy to understand the differences between manufacturers and models.  At Interactive Technology Classroom, we want to help you learn your options and make an informed decision.

Interactive Technology Classroom's complete and easy-to-use classroom solutions bring innovation and ease to teaching and learning. Our presentation systems encourage interactivity between students and teachers, as well as integration between the solutions and the programs you're familiar with, like PowerPoint and Excel. Our product specialists can assist you in selecting the right technology for different verticals such as educational institutions, corporations, legal, government and military institutions and social enterprises to name a few.
  • Mimio
  • eBeam
  • Ken-a-Vision
  • Microsoft AER
  • Xerox
  • Samsung
  • Samsung
  • Hitachi Starboard
  • Projectors
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Every Mimio product is designed to put students at the center of the educational environment, so they're more engaged, more collaborative, and more motivated. But the teacher still drives the instruction. When technology is at its best, it paves the way, rather than getting in the way. Teachers can do what they do best – simply teach.
MimioClassroom is a complete solution for interactive teaching with exceptional user participation. It features easy-to-use MimioTeach, MimioView, MimioPad and MimioVote all in one.

• MimioTeach is a portable and cost effective solution for converting any surface into interactive whiteboard.
• MimioPad lets you control the functions of interactive whiteboards from 30 feet distance.
• MimioView presents crisp and clear images, 3D documents and live videos with its 2,000,000 pixels camera and 1600 x 1200 UXGA resolution.
• MimioVote Assessment System allows you to collect the audience response dynamically giving rise to active participation.

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eBeam provides a complete product line that allows you to create interactive meetings, classrooms, planning rooms, war rooms. Take it on the road with you, great for sales presentations, consultants, anyone that needs to show stuff, explain stuff, brainstorm stuff - get the idea? Turning ordinary whiteboards into an interactive multimedia experience. The premiere source for interactive classroom technologies.

eBeam Edge is a hardware device that connects to your computer either through a USB cable or by a Wireless connection - which then allows you to show and control your computer to any audience be it a meeting, planning session, on-line meeting, classroom, courtroom anywhere sharing information on your computer is important.

eBeam Engage takes all of the great features of the Edge and the software and puts them into a single device. Combining more than 10 multimedia and navigation tools into one sleek console that helps make lesson delivery fun and effective. Great for teachers but also a great tool for trainers, presenters, leaders.  Engage is not as portable as it’s little brother Edge, but with the magnetic attachment brackets it easily attaches to a metal backed board.

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Ken-A-Vision is a leading designer and manufacturer of closed loop digital presentation solutions, document cameras, microscopes and application software. For over 60 years, Ken-A-Vision's innovative products have filled the world's classrooms.


EduCam Classroom Viewer enables users to view, capture, annotate and share live streaming images directly from a document camera, visualizer or digital microscope. Designed with teacher input, EduCam is an ideal mobile solution for BYOD, One-to-One and iPad® equipped schools.

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An Authorized Education Reseller (AER) in the context of Microsoft, is a program that enables resellers to sell Microsoft software products to qualified educational institutions at academic prices.
Microsoft certifies resellers to provide complete software solutions and services to educational customers. The companies certified by Microsoft as AERs are qualified to sell Microsoft Academic Edition Software licenses to education users. Microsoft has designed the AER program to offer two types of Academic certifications:
  • Resale of Academic volume licenses
  • Resale of Academic Full Packaged Product (A-FPP).
* (click the Microsoft AER logo to visit the the Microsoft Educator's page)
** Please make sure you are buying legitimate licenses or boxed software of Microsoft products. (AER#: V62985)
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For more than a half a century, Xerox has been a leader in document technology and services. We continue to build on this heritage of innovation. We now are the world’s leading enterprise for business process and document management, offering global services from claims reimbursement and automated toll transaction to customer care centers and HR benefits management. The new Xerox is dedicated to innovation, service and giving our customers the freedom to focus on what matters most: your real business.
slide1K12 schools are focused on creating better learners. Easy access to information is key. Teachers need reliable, high-quality documents, fast. Parents and students want homework and course materials available online. Districts need to cut costs and improve communication. Xerox can help.

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Built on the philosophy that technology can improve education, Samsung School brings togetheBuilt on the philosophy that technology can improve education, Samsung School brings together a suite of Samsung products and software to build a connected learning environment that empowers teachers and ir a suite of Samsung products and software to build a connected learning environment that empowers teachers and inspires students.

A Platform for Knowledge

  • Samsung School offers a variety of interoperable technology packages to suit your educational needs. The full suite includes select Samsung Galaxy tablets for the teacher and each student, an interactive whiteboard and a wireless multifunction printer. Tying it all together is the Samsung School software, which provides a learning management system along with powerful interactive tools.

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(click to see the full line of Hitachi Starboard products)

Hitachi Starboard is a leader in interactive presentation technology and touch software solutions. StarBoard Software is licensed across multiple touch platforms to enable remote collaboration in real time, immediate access to relevant content, and annotation capabilities over digital media. StarBoard Software helps interactive collaboration happen more often, around the world
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or in the same room.

Save money, space and time! StarBoard Link EZ2 turns your dry erase whiteboard into an interactive whiteboard and converts already acquired equipment into an engaging interact engaging interactive environment. Attach the system to any flat surface, connect it to a computer, connect the computer to a projector, a quick set-up routine and you are ready to start teaching with a fully functioning IWB.

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We feature projectors from Mimio, Hitachi, BenQ, Vivitek and Viewsonic, and we can easily source projectors from other manufacturers as well. We recommend DLP technology and DLP/laser because these projectors have a lower cost of ownership, including 10,000 hrs. and 20,000 hrs. lamp life. We also carry the mounts for all the projectors we sell.

Visit the Projector's page to find a multitude of information about projectors, their types and configurations, explanations of terms and all levels of supporting information to help you make the best informed decision of what projector is right for you and gives you the best value for your dollars.

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Short Throw Projector
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Interactive Projector
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Ultra Short Throw Projector
Our Objective is to give our customers high quality products at competitive prices, backed up by superb service.

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