the Interactive Technology Classroom (ITC)

integrating technology for e-learning environments

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Interactive Technology Classroom (ITC) primarily operates within the Mid-Atlantic region (MD, DC, DE, Southern PA and Northern VA), to promote a range of educational audio-visual products and services from the world's leading manufacturers. With schools increasingly looking to more meaningfully deploy interactive technology within the classroom and create e-learning environments, we offer schools a wider choice and an extensive range of solutions. Systems are available on a turn-key 'fully installed' or 'self-install' basis and supported by in-school teacher-training by accredited trainers for your staff!

Our Story
Interactive Technology Classroom (ITC) was founded in 2009 and is dedicated to providing advanced teaching technologies and multisensory classroom products for the education system. We represent a number of leading brands with worldwide recognition: Mimio Classroom™, a set of interactive teaching products (with complete integration between hardware and software), eBeam by Luidia (easy to setup, easy to learn, easy on your pocket) and Hitachi Starboard systems (multi-user, multi-touch and multi-faceted solutions). But most important we are a team of people who believe that educational products and solutions are fundamental to enable our kids with the necessary skills to succeed in the 21st century world.

Our mission:
Providing the best value on the dollar for Interactive Technology for each and every classroom that we serve.

Our vision:
Empowering the Education System with Interactive teaching technologies in every classroom.

We are an educational solutions company:
Our core business is primariy education and we make sure our solutions are easy to learn, easy to use and easy to teach. By experience we know that a successful interactive teaching solution must be very intuitive to navigate, but at the same time providing rich educational content, visual tools, assessment systems and portability. Our goal is simple; provide advanced teaching technologies, to help you do what you love to do, simply teach.

We are a Corporate and Professional Services support company:
Those same products, that are being found in the classrooms and are being used to teach your children, are the same products that allow for an effective presentation, enhanced collaboration among coworkers and provide for enhanced training for your employees. These technologies have worked their way into Investment institutions, the Courts and Law Firms, Manufacturing plants, Medical institutions, all levels of Government and all branches of the Military and many other types of businesses.

To discuss your school's or businesses' specific requirements and/or arrange a 'no obligation' demonstration at your location, please contact us by emailing at or calling (888) 805-6679. You can also reach us by going to the contact page and completing the form.
Our Objective is to give our customers high quality products at competitive prices, backed up by superb service.

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Interacative Technology Classroom
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